Therapy & Immigration Evaluations In Michigan and Texas

Our therapists specialize in guiding couples and individuals on their journey toward personal growth and healing. We believe each person has the potential for self-improvement, and strive to empower our clients to unlock their inner strength and achieve their goals.

We also provide support for completing immigration evaluations for VAWA, Extreme Hardship, or Asylum cases. 

Our clients value personal growth but feel stuck in their current situation. Despite their best efforts, they may feel like something is holding them back from reaching their goals. 

Some may experience temporary setbacks and challenges, while others prefer longer-term work to address traumas that continue affecting their lives. We use various tools to perform accurate assessments and help them achieve their goals. Let’s connect and match you with the right therapist to help you with the next steps on your journey.

Therapy Services Online or In Person

EMDR for Trauma

EMDR helps in healing from harmful or otherwise stressful life experiences that impact your day to day living.

Individual Therapy

Therapy helps people like you overcome daily battles with anxiety, depression, mood disorders or just wanting to grow in general.

Couples Counseling

We help couples who want to stay together heal & grow more connected using EFT. (Emotionally Focused Therapy)

Immigration Evaluations

Psychological Evaluation for Asylum & Extreme Hardship Immigration Cases.
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