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  • Has your attorney told you you need a psychological evaluation for your immigration case?
  • Are you searching for a comprehensive psychological evaluation to strengthen your USCIS application?
  • With all mental health professionals, how do you know which professional evaluator to use?

Are you currently working with a client in need of assistance? Has your attorney recommended a Psychological Evaluation for Immigration purposes? If you want to learn more about services, schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

Psychological Immigration Evaluations for Asylum, Extreme Hardship, & VAWA Cases​ in Texas and Michigan

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Many people are applying for waivers and petitions to stay in the United States and build a better life for themselves and their families. 

Emerging Wellness therapist has a proven track record of providing professional evaluations for immigration. They work with attorneys nationwide to assist their clients in telling their stories. Comprehensively translating your personal experiences with clinical language and measures that enhance their case in a way the court can understand.

We help our clients

  • To become citizens 
  • Live your life without fear or worry.
  • As a US citizen, you can enjoy unlimited career opportunities, accumulate wealth, travel the world, and visit distant relatives without facing the consequences. 

These are some of the freedoms and rights you are entitled to as a citizen of the United States.

Common Questions
About Immigration Evaluations

A licensed mental health professional provides an immigration evaluation a clinical document. The evaluation is tailored to specific immigration cases that the client is pursuing. Examples of such cases include: 

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), 
  • U-Visa, 
  • T-Visa, and 
  • Cancelation of Removal.


The evaluation details the client’s comprehensive personal history, including educational, medical, emotional, and financial stressors contributing to their desire to obtain an immigration waiver. 

The report will typically vary from 8-12 pages; expect a professional, thorough, and accurate report.

Each report takes 7-10 days except emergency reports, which include a (72-hour) turnaround.

The report will consist of a review of pertinent documents, including medical and psychiatric records where indicated, a review of personal and family history, mental status evaluation, the clinical interview, and psychometric testing. Testing helps assess mental and psychological distress symptoms, adding additional credibility to the assessment. 

We provide professional translation services for your sessions that are included in the report fee.

Unfortunately, filing is not billable by insurance companies in the US as it’s considered a legal matter. Writing the evaluation, working with attorneys, and researching and identifying appropriate assessments require extensive hours.

The evaluation of immigration cases relies on physical reports, not just verbal testimony. Counselor testimony in court is not always necessary.

  • Asylum Cases: Expanding on why clients may have missed their one-year filing deadline and detailing if psychological symptoms provide evidence of their persecution. In asylum cases, an individual has been mistreated and abused in their home country, and they seek asylum or safety from their country of origin within the U.S.
  • Extreme Hardship Cases: A citizen or resident of the United States applies for an immigration waiver because the deportation of a family member (spouse or child) will cause extreme hardship for themselves or their family. Very similar to a cancelation of removal, except that the foreign-born individual is currently in removal proceedings. 
  • T-VISA and U-VIsa: Detailing the client’s psychological symptoms, which are typical for human trafficking, abduction, extortion, attempted murder, and more; assessing credibility; and describing how the client has suffered substantial abuse. A-T-VISA can be granted to victims of human trafficking and their immediate families if they agree to assist law enforcement in testifying against perpetrators. U-VISA may be granted to undocumented individuals living in the U.S. who are crime victims (typically felony).
  • VAWA Cases: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides a pathway to citizenship to men and women who have been physically and or emotionally abused by their U.S. citizen spouse, parent, or child.



We take credit cards, payment apps (PayPal, Venmo, Cash app), and cash. We typically break payments into separate payments. One is due the day of your first appointment, and the other upon completing the first draft of your report. 

An immigration evaluation is a clinical document a licensed mental health professional provides. The assessment focuses on and supports the specific immigration case the client seeks or the attorney petitions for on behalf of clients.

Hire an experienced therapist who cares to help you handle your immigration case. We want to help you!

Online Immigration Evaluation Therapist For Hardship or VAWA cases

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